In the field of Science Education, research on the construction and development of the teaching identity is generating more and more interest, as a consequence of the new paradigms of education and its direct impact on student learning.

In this project, we propose the development of a strategy for the study of teaching identity linked to inquiry, which contributes to analysing aspects related to academic and research experiences, personal and professional, prior to the teaching of future professors and professors of secondary education.

Through a long-term longitudinal study developed in the Master's Degree in Teaching at the University of Malaga, and in collaboration with some international and local institutions, we intend to form a complete and detailed view of pre-service and in-service science teachers. Thus, we will try to analyse the factors associated with their evolution from science students towards new teachers, providing tools that contribute to improving training programs and teaching quality in this regard.

With the gathered experience on the design and implementation of a specific inquiry-based science education (IBSE) training program for pre-service science teachers (PSST), we understand as necessary research the development of a long-term longitudinal study that collects the monitoring and evolution of the teaching identity under investigation, in order to answer the following research questions: To what extent are the participating PSST aware of their identity as teachers? How does a specific training program contribute to the development of the inquiry identity of the PSST? In what aspects does PSST IBSE training enable them to reflect and self-regulate their teaching-learning process? What are the similarities and differences concerning the PSST in other educational systems?