Cristina García Ruiz

Ramón y Cajal Researcher

(Since March 2022)

Science Education - ENCIC Group (HUM-974)

Faculty of Science Education

University of Málaga

Campus Teatinos s/n, 29071

Málaga, Spain


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CV Summary

I have been committed to scientific research ever since my early university years. After graduating with a First Class Honour BSc degree and completing a MSc in Advanced Chemistry, I obtained one of the most competitive doctoral scholarship (FPU programme) from the Government of Spain and started my first PhD studies in the research group of Prof. F. Sarabia, at the University of Málaga. My work in Organic Chemistry focused on the stereoselective synthesis of epoxides and diepoxides using a novel type of cyclic sulfur ylides and its application towards the total synthesis of natural products and analogues of biological interest for the pharmacy industry. During my predoctoral years, I was awarded several grants for congress attendance and was also the finalist in the XII Lilly Research Awards for PhD Students, granted by Lilly Spain. Gratifyingly these studies also rendered me with the Esteve Award for Young Researchers, granted by the Spanish Society of Medicinal Chemistry (SEQT) in 2015. I got my PhD (Suma Cum Laude) from the University of Málaga in December 2014.

In 2013, I was a visiting student at the University of Cambridge, under the supervision of Prof. S. V. Ley and Dr D. L. Browne. This short-stay provided me in 2016 with a publication related to the synthesis of trifluoromethylated isoxazoles. Also in 2015, I obtained a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Ramón Areces Foundation to initiate my postdoctoral career at the prestigious group of Prof. V. K. Aggarwal, at the University of Bristol, where I have been developing new methodologies of synthesis. My early postdoctoral studies provided me with three publications; one of them related with a stereospecific allylic functionalization by reactions of allyl boronate complexes and the other two, with the stereo divergent olefination of enantioenriched boronic esters. In 2017, after having gained a significant background in organic synthesis and methodology, as well as in medicinal chemistry, with significant contributions in JCR publications (Q1 and Q2 papers) and international conferences, I decided to expand my professional career, redirecting it into Science Education research. Thus, I completed the MEd in Teaching Training at the University of Málaga and enrolled myself in a second PhD focused on the Inquiry-based Science Education (IBSE), under the supervision of Prof. Dr Ángel Blanco and Dr Teresa Lupión. Gratefully, in 2020 I earned a Postdoctoral Research Contract at the Science Education Department, where I have been working into pre-service science teaching (PSST) training and IBSE, as a way to promote scientific literacy and responsible citizenship in Secondary Education. Several publications and conference contributions have emerged from this research, whose results are still being investigated. In parallel, I am a collaborator of IndagaSTEM Escuela project, an educational cooperation agreement between the Junta de Andalucía and the University of Malaga. The project, dedicated to developing critical thinking through scientific projects with inquiry and context-based learning approaches in schools, is being carried out with Primary Education Teachers, opening the door to a possible extension to Secondary Education, in which proposals for inquiry made by PSST would be accommodated.

Also, during this short time, I have established a MARCO Agreement of collaboration with the Universities of Playa Ancha and Metropolitana de Chile (ref. 8.07 / 5.12.5574). Within this project, the INCE Network arises, dedicated to promoting IBSE between Chile and Spain, and from which exchange seminars have begun between teachers and students from both countries. 

I now wish to continue pursuing my professional career in Science Education as an independent researcher at the University of Málaga, where I could apply all the acquired knowledge and expertise. Hence, having gained some experience in the study and analysis of teachers perceptions about IBSE, and after getting to know the main difficulties pre-service teachers encounter about their future practice, as well as the lack of relationship they establish with their background, I consider the next step would be to deepen in the identity process. For doing so, I have been awarded with the Ramón y Cajal Postdoctoral Fellowship, granted in March 2022. More recently, in January 2023 I earned my second PhD, in Education and Social Communication (Suma Cum Laude).

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